Jennifer Brault

About Me

Hello. My name is Jennifer and I am very excited you are here with me! I am married with two beautiful girls and two crazy dogs. As a family we like to travel, spend time outdoors, watch sports, and enjoy our down time.

As for myself, I have always had a passion for fitness as I played competitive softball from age 9 all the way into my first year of college. I also played Junior Olympic Volleyball for many years. As an adult, I still play volleyball but I now coach softball. I have been coaching my 10 year olds softball team for 5 years and have a passion for growing the love of the game along with childrens joy for being active.

I started my own weight loss/health journey in 2019 as after having 2 kids, I let myself get caught up in life and didn't focus on myself. During that journey, I found a love for running and ran my first half marathon in the spring of 2020. Running for countless hours gives a person a lot of time to think about what they want to do with their life, which has led me to this point. I love helping people find a passion in fitness, get more control over their lives in creating better habits, and in discovering how "eating healthy" doesn't mean you have to give up foods but that you can truly enjoy food while being healthy.

Once I am finished with my Youth Fitness certification I will also work with our kids in discovering how being active is fun and doesn't mean going to the gym. Also as a former youth athlete and raising one myself, I know the extreme importance of training correctly and fueling their young bodies so they have the energy and strength to do all of the amazing things they will do in their lives. 

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask!